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This page will post the most recent MVRA Board Meeting Minutes as well as a list of new members which will be updated monthly.


Mississippi Valley Running Association

Board Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2012

Present:  Darrell Zmolek, Angie Salas, Jolene Darter, Rob Harbin and Natalee Berg.

Guests from Dubuque Running Club:


Prior to the business meeting we had a discussion about how MVRA and DRC can help each other both provide a variety of running activities for the tri-state area. Cross advertising and disseminating information will be one great way to work together.  An ongoing relationship and further discussion will be great for runners in  the area. 


1.      Meeting called to order

2.      Minutes from September meeting approved.

3.      Reports

A.  Treasurer: The financial report on the Benefit Classic was discussed.  Chip time expenses and the tech shirts caused a decrease in profits, but overall the report was similar to previous years. Balances for the end of September are:  checking- $7,056.36  savings=$5,829.38.

B.  Advertising:  Nothing to report.

C.  Technology:  Nothing to report

D.  Equipment:  All working well.  A few more races ahead using equipment.

E.  Newsletter:  Mid-December an paper newsletter to be published.

F.  Toys for Tots:  Scheduled for December 1st at the Salvation Army Building at 8AM.

G.  Scholarship: Darrell reported the scholarship form is updated. The end of October the form and info will be given to the Cross Country coaches in town for their end of year meeitngs.  In January the coaches and guidance counselors at the local schools will be contacted with the deadline to apply in March.

4.      Old Business

A.  Policy and procedures:  Will continue the revision process.  Next time do advertising and finish the treasurer section.

B.  Dubuque Running Club:  MVRA and DRC will work together for running in the area.

C.  Iowa Games:  New course this year and a new time.  Carver Elementary school at 9A on a Sunday is the plan so far.  Planning continues.

D.  Special Issues:  Membership coordinator position discussed.  Will need to keep a data base and have ability to send e-mails and updates to all members.  We plan notify the member 1 month before their membership expires so they can stay active.  Paper and online membership money will go to Rob for banking. Plan to have Angie sent out an e-mail next month about the new way we will use advertising for MVRA.  Maybe there are others that would like to be part of advertising and have their info on our web site with a possible link to their business web site. In December we plan a letter to go to current advertisers explaining the new ad procedure. Maybe every month we could feature a business with a paragraph they would provide us.  More planning and discussion for next meeting.

5.      New Business

A.  Donations: Plan to finalize by early December  which non-political and non religious non profits we will be able to give a donation to from our profits. Will discuss this at November meeting.

B.  Annual Board Meeting Dinner:  Plans discussed.  Saturday November 30 was suggested.

6.      Next meeting:  November 12 at 6:30 and Grace Baptist.

Submitted by Natalee Berg



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