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The MVRA is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that works to promote health and fitness through running in the Tri-states area. We sponsor 4 major events of our own during the year and consult and assist with many other local events. Every year we give back to the community by making donations to many local charitable organizations just before Christmas. Proceeds from our races and particularly the MVRA Benefit Classic go towards helping those in need in the area.

2011 MVRA  Charitable Donations


Each year our Benefit Classic Marathon & 5K Race is held on Labor Day. It is from this race that we raise the funds to give back to the community each year. Over the year as participation has increased we have been able to offer more in way of monetary donations to many worthy organizations in the Tri-states area. This year we gave a total of $4000 by donating $250 to each of the follow organizations. It is of course, through the participation of the public in our events that we are able to continue to give back. Thank you so much for supporting us and in turn giving back to the community.


Each Received $250 for a total of $4000


                St. Mark’s Community Center



.               YM/YW of Dubuque



                Camp Albrecht Acres



                Hospice of Dubuque ~ Given Per Request of BEECHER BEVERAGE, we donate in their name each year as a thanks for having a water fountain and restrooms available to  all those who run/walk on Asbury Rd.


                Heritage Trail



                Boy’s & Girl’s Club



                Camp Courageous



                Special Olympics



.               Dubuque Rescue Mission ~ Given per request of Mr.  Tony Lehman,

owner of local Burger King, for his donation of water cups.



                Unified Therapy Services



                Marie House/Opening Doors



                Dubuque County Fire Fighters Association: Training Center


                Dubuque Auxiliary Police



.               Riverview Center



.               Project Concern



Toys For Tots Salvation Army ~ Given per request of Paramount Ambulance Service for

                                                                their assistance at our races.